Innovative Design

Our speed enforcement cameras help you know exactly who is speeding and where. Use that data to issue automated warnings and identify trouble areas. You can then enforce speed limits and encourage better driving behavior. Use our speed camera systems to create safer roads for drivers, bikers, and walkers alike.

Our cameras offer the ultimate in precision, accuracy, and autonomy. We created the very first fully integrated 2D multi-beam infrared speed enforcement cameras. They use 16 channel light sensors with exact algorithms to identify vehicle speeds and exact location.

Speeding kills. Take the mystery out of who is putting your residents at risk. Don’t let dangerous driving continue. Safer roads start here

Speed enforcement cameras can be used on private roads, in local communities, on industrial campuses, or on city streets. Above all, they improve street safety and help you enforce speed limits. Furthermore, with three options of camera systems, there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Whether your roadways are one-way, multi-lane, popular pedestrian routes, or often used by cyclists, we have the enforcement cameras you need to protect your roads and everyone who uses them. Find the camera system that works for you.