Interceptor Speed Camera System


Speeding drivers put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Protect your roads by enforcing speed limits with state-of-the-art speed cameras and on-site enforcement.

The groundbreaking Interceptor Camera System is the first ever speed camera enforcement system to combine the accuracy of precise speed camera detection with the effectiveness of on-site enforcement. It includes the first of its kind 2D multi-beam infrared speed enforcement camera with a tripod-mounted Wi-Fi repeater and in-vehicle router. Police officers positioned within .6 miles can connect to the camera, view real-time imagery, and give speeders on the spot printed warning or violations. The Interceptor system is undetectable, even by social apps, and allows municipalities with legal constraints on remote ticketing to penalize violators.

Rather than sitting with a radar gun and trying to identify speeders on their own, police officers can now obtain real-time updates of speeders at their chosen location. With on-site enforcement, speeders can be immediately penalized for dangerous driving rather than receiving a ticket in the mail weeks later. As soon as the officer receives info and images of a speeding car, he/she can pull over the offending driver. Printed warnings or tickets include time-stamped images just as a mailed violation from a speed camera would.


  • Unique 16 beam infrared detection for precise speed detection
  • Multiple vehicle, dual lane tracking
  • Fully operational in all weather conditions
  • Complete 3D scene awareness measures true velocity
  • Undetectable, even by social apps
  • Reduced power supply requirements
  • Extended autonomous operation
  • Zero software footprint
  • Easy uploads to the Cloud
  • 1-touch in-field operation
  • Allows Officers to verify driver identification

The Interceptor camera system is the one-of-a-kind solution for on-site speed enforcement coupled with precise speed camera imagery. Check out our other speed camera enforcement solutions and make your streets safer today.