Municipal & DOT

Maintaining safe roads is a municipal responsibility that no town, city, or village can afford to shirk. In just one year, the US sees over 6 million vehicle crashes. 72% of those cause damage to property while 27% of them cause human injury. Over 30,000 deaths are caused each year by vehicle crashes. It’s an epidemic that every city, everywhere, needs to work to address.

Slowing speeders and protecting streets from dangerous driving behaviors can prevent needless damage or tragedy before it happens. With speed enforcement cameras, drivers are penalized for their speeding and learn that speeding comes with consequences.

Enforcement Logix solutions offer the latest innovation in speed enforcement. With camera systems such as the Enforcer that incorporate on-site enforcement, the Interceptor that offers fixed and mobile solutions for ongoing enforcement, and the Guardian that is designed for local, low-volume roads, our solutions catch every speeder, every time.

Speeder data and imagery can be viewed from anywhere, anytime via the cloud. Don’t let speeders make your city a dangerous place to drive, walk, or bike. Enforce speed limits and keep your roads safe with Enforcement Logix.

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Speeding drivers put themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Protect your roads by enforcing speed limits with state-of-the-art speed cameras.